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Acid Alkaline Diet

The alkaline1 acid2 diet, which is also called the acid ash diet, alkaline ash diet, or just alkaline diet, is a generic name describing a group of eating plans based on the assumption that some foods affect the pH3 and acidity of blood, urine and other fluids in the organism. They are said to be able to promote weight loss and prevent or treat various health issues, though these presumptions has not been scientifically proved. The diet became popular in 2013 after Victoria Beckham had mentioned it in her Tweeter.

How Does Acid Alkaline Diet Work?

Supporters of the alkaline diet say that it helps the body to normalize pH levels of blood, because you start eating proper foods, like vegetables and fruits, but most experts assure that no food can change your blood’s pH substantially. Anyway the acid ash diet encourages healthy lifestyle, as you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods.

The program is mostly vegetarian and it can be easily adjusted to suit even vegans.

It is also good for people who prefer not to eat gluten.

Alkaline diets do not promote physical exercises though it does not mean that you should not go in for aerobics or other sports.

acid alcaline diet review

Acid Alkaline Diet Plan

As a rule, acid alkaline diets do not require you to follow any specific plans. They just give recommendations about what foods to eat. We have prepared several useful tips for alkaline dieters. They will help you to plan your menu:

  • Give preference to vegetables and fruits rather than starches and meat.
  • Eat seafood or white meat instead of red meat (if you do not want to abandon meat at all).
  • Almond and soy milk is a great substitute for cow’s milk.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages and coffee.
  • Forget about prepackaged snacks.
  • Replace butter and saturated fats with olive oil.
  • Avoid sauces, condiments or dressings on the side.

From the table below you will find out how to substitute inappropriate foods with suitable ones.

  • Eat fresh or frozen fruits instead of canned fruits.
  • Eat crushed almonds instead of flour.
  • Drink green or herbal teas instead of coffee.
  • Eat chestnuts or almonds instead of peanuts.
  • Eat clover honey or stevia instead of sugar.
  • Use olive oil instead of butter.
  • Eat sweet potato instead of white potato.
  • Eat tofu or poultry instead of red meat.
  • Drink mineral water instead of soda.
  • Use almond milk instead of creamer.
  • Eat whites instead of whole eggs.
  • Eat basmati or brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Use baking soda and lemon juice instead of yeast.

Sample Menu for Acid Alkaline Diet

Here is a sample one day menu for the alkaline diet.


  • Veggie Omelette (2 egg whites, tomatoes, bell peppers, and green onion).
  • Ginger Tea


  • One pear
  • One ounce pumpkin seeds (toasted)


  • Lentil soup.
  • Steamed vegetables with olive oil.


  • Almonds.


  • About four ounces fish.
  • Mixed garden salad.
  • Sweet potato.

What Are the Benefits?

In addition to weight loss boost, the acid alkaline diet is said to have numerous health benefits, including the following:

  • It makes your skin look better.
  • It improves digestions.
  • It amends concentration and memory.
  • It normalizes blood sugar levels.
  • It increases energy levels.
  • It lowers cravings for coffee, alcohol and sugar.

Advocates of the alkaline diet assure that this program helps to prevent and even treat cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, though these claim have not been proved.

Are There Any Health Risks?

This eating plan excludes many various foods. It means that your menu will be less-balanced which may result in some health issues. In order to prevent them you should better take vitamins or supplements.

What Foods Should Be Eaten?

When you follow the acid ash diet, you should eat alkaline-promoting products, like vegetables, fruits, tofu, soybean, legumes, seeds, and others. You are recommended to drink much pure or mineral water.

What Foods Should Be Avoided?

When you follow the alkaline diet, you are not allowed to eat processed foods, packaged snacks, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fatty meat, fried dishes, beer, soda, dairy, and some other products which are bad for the pH level.

Bottom Line

The acid alkaline diet is not very efficient in losing weight but it provides many other health benefits. It can be pretty difficult for you to follow the diet because you will have to abandon many favorite foods and completely change your eating habits. The program is safe for most people but you should consult your doctor if you have any chronic diseases.

Acid Alkaline Diet Success Stories

Eileen Bowley

Listen to the story of Eileen Bowley, who tells how the alkaline diet has changed her life forever.

Phil Turner

In this interview, Phil Turner tells about the amazing change in his body, which has happened due to the acid alkaline diet.

  1. Alkaline means containing an alkali and having a pH level of higher than 7.
  2. Acid is a substance having a pH value of lower than 7.
  3. pH is a figure used to express how alkaline or acid the solution is.

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