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Cambridge Diet

The famous Cambridge diet is a very low calorie eating plan, developed by Doctor Alan Howard from Cambridge University in 1970. Ten years later, this weight management program was presented in the USA, where it was extremely popular. In the United Kingdom, the diet plan was launched only in 1984. Since January 2010, this program is named the Cambridge Weight Plan, though many people still call it the Cambridge diet. Now it is available in about twenty countries of the world. The U.S. variant of the eating program is branded as the Cambridge Original and Cambridge Food for Life.

Cambridge Diet Guide for Beginners?

The Cambridge diet ranges from 440 to 1500 calories per day. The eating plan consists of branded soups, bars, porridge, and shakes. For quick weight loss, one can eat only these products, but they can also be taken together with normal foods if a dieter wants to lose weight more gradually. The branded products are not sold in shops. You have to get in touch with an official consultant who will measure and weigh you in order to choose the program that suits you most of all.

The essence of the Cambridge diet is an extremely low calorie eating pattern. It can be as low as 440 calories per day plus vitamins, fatty acids1, and minerals which are necessary for reducing the loss of nutrients.

cambridge diet

The Cambridge weight plan imitates starvation with its weight loss properties, but at the same time it provides enough carbohydrate, protein, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements to maintain sound health. The diet’s meals combine essential food groups and satisfy all nutritional needs of an organism. As a result, a dieter stops overeating and craving foods.

What Are the Benefits of Cambridge Diet?

The Cambridge diet is a very low carbohydrate eating plan. It means that when the organism has used all the carbohydrate, it has to look for energy in some other place and the stored fat will be its main source. So, this diet can be very effective for losing weight and acquiring healthy eating habits. When a dieter gets rid of excessive pounds it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other conditions. It can improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Are There Any Health Risks?

Some Cambridge dieters complain about the following side effects: tiredness, bad breath, dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, nausea, leg cramps, diarrhea, hunger pains, headaches, gallstones, feeling cold, sleeplessness, skin rashes, hair loss, etc.

Of course, it does not mean that you will have these problems too. Anyway, you must meet a Cambridge diet consultant before you start following this eating plan.

What Foods Should Be Eaten?

The branded products of the Cambridge diet include shakes, soups, bars, and porridge. These foods contain protein fat, carbohydrate, fiber and many other nutrients. The products have numerous flavors.

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should eat only these products. On later steps of the Cambridge weight plan dieters are allowed to eat low calorie meals.

Cambridge Diet Plan

The Cambridge diet program consists of six main stages but it does not mean that you will begin with the first one. It is the personal consultant who advises what phase the dieter must start from. Thus you should not act without proper authority.

Step 1

During this stage, which is called Sole Source, you are allowed to eat or drink three – four branded Cambridge products a day.

Sometimes Cambridge diet consultants recommend the variant of this step called Sole Source Plus.  It means you should have three weight plan products plus 200 calories of normal food (or four products plus 200 milliliters of skimmed milk.

You should follow this phase for up to twelve weeks. The calorie consumption varies from 415 Cal to 615 Cal in a day.

Step 2

This phase allows eating three branded products and vegetables, skimmed milk and foods rich in protein. It lasts no less than one week. You may get up to 810 Cal a day.

Step 3

During the third stage you eat about 1000 Cal a day. You may have two weight plan products, skimmed milk, salads and some other foods. As a rule, consultants advise to follow this phase for two weeks.

Step 4

You get two branded products. You may also drink skimmed milk and eat lunch and dinner, which should be calorie controlled. You choose yourself how long this stage should last.

Step 5

On this phase, you may eat 1500 calories. Your diet consists of just one branded product and four meals. You should better use recipes suitable for Cambridge dieters. Again, it is you who chooses how long this stage will last.

Step 6

This is the final phase of the Cambridge diet. You have reached you goal weight and now you should know how to maintain it. You can have one branded product a day or just eat normal healthy food.

Remember that you should contact a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant before you start following this diet.

Cambridge Diet Success Stories

Lauren Brookes

Lauren had been overweight her entire life. She suffered from rude jokes cracked by her classmates and had only one close friend. Lauren seldom ate healthy food and gave preference to snacks. When she was nineteen she weighed almost 300 pound. Lauren was constantly depressed and rarely left her house because she did not want anybody to see her.

In fact, she made some efforts to lose weight and tried various diets but none of them worked for her. Finally, she decided to go on the Cambridge weight plan and visited a consultant. Lauren was absolutely dedicated to her personal plan and managed reach her goal weight. Now she is size 12 and says that the Cambridge diet has changed her life for the better.

Jason Chapman

Jason began to gain weight in 2001, after he had given up doing sports. He stopped training but continued to eat and drink much. Five year later, he realized how big he had become. In fact, he weighed over 320 pounds which was 100 pounds more than in 2001. When Jason looked at himself in the mirror near a swimming pool he could not believe it was him.

He made the decision to start the Cambridge weight plan in 2008. Jason followed all recommendations of his consultant and started playing football again. Yet a knee injury made him give up sport again. It was difficult for him and Jason slipped several times but always managed to come back.

In 2012, Jason reached his goal weight. What is more, his knee is alright now and he is even going to take part in the London marathon.

Suzanne McDaid

Suzanne had struggled with her excessive weight from her youth but anyway she was bigger than all her friends. When she was sixteen, she had size 18. Then she started working as a chef and her weight continued to grow. After Suzanne gave birth to two children she weighed about 340 pounds and it became difficult for her even to walk about the neighborhood but she still did not want to go on a diet.

After having her third child Suzanne developed diabetes. Her doctor said it was due to her weight. What is more, Suzanne suffered from back pains, swollen ankles, and aching bones.

Finally, she made up her mind to visit a Cambridge diet consultant. She started following his recommendations though it was not easy for her. Now Suzanne weighs about 165 pounds. She looks terrific and has no health problems.

Danielle Ans

Danielle had been pretty big since she was a child though at school she did not noticed her weight. Later she lost her mum, sister and brother, and tried to seek consolation in food. In fact, she did not think about losing weight then because it was not important for her.

In 2008, Danielle went to a doctor, as she experienced constant abdominal pains. He told her that they were caused by her excessive weight. She did not believe him and continued to gain pounds.

Her colleague told her about the Cambridge diet and Danielle realized that she needed help. A consultant draw the plan for her and Danielle managed to lose excessive weight. Now she is a Cambridge consultant too and helps other people to achieve their goals.

 Cacia Griggs

With the help of the Cambridge diet, Cacia managed to go from size 24 to size 10. It took her eighteen months to reach the goal. She decided to go on the Cambridge diet in summer of 2011, because suddenly she understood that she was really obese. Cacia never did physical exercises, did not count calories and ate much junk food.

The first week on the diet was the hardest one for Cacia. She experienced various side effects. It was difficult to drink a lot of pure water as she has not been used to it. She craved constantly but later it became easier to follow the Cambridge weight plan. When Cacia saw the first results of her being on the diet it was the best motivation for her.

Now Cacia looks good and feels just great. She is on the last stage of the diet and is not going to quit it.

Bottom Line

The Cambridge diet has proved to work and it can be used even by obese people who cannot lose weight otherwise. But you should realize that it can be pretty difficult to replace normal meals with branded Cambridge products (which are not cheap, by the way). So you should use the Cambridge weight plan not only for dropping excessive pounds, but also for acquiring healthy eating habits.

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