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Replace your breakfast and lunch with special cookies – and your excessive weight will melt away. Do you think it sounds unbelievable? But that is what authors of cookie diets promise. Currently, there are a number of those programs on the market, like Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Smart for Life Cookie Diet, or Hollywood Cookie Diet. All of them require that you eat about four – six cookies a day.

Surely, every plan provides its own cookies which should be consumed instead of regular meals. As a rule, for dinner you are allowed to have whatever you want though there can be certain limitations. Physical activity is encouraged by all these diets but none of them provide special exercises.

Below you can read short reviews of the most popular cookie diets.

cookie diet review

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet Review

Doctor Siegal started making his cookies as healthy snacks for his patients who were not able to control cravings. He claims that his products reduce hunger and curb appetite.

They are made from bran, whole wheat, oats, and other components with low glycemic index. Moreover, they contain a secret mixture of amino acids which is the main reason why they promote losing weight. There have five flavors: coconut, blueberry, chocolate, banana, and oatmeal raisin.

One cookie has ninety calories. Dieters are advised to eat six pieces a day. One can add Siegal’s cookies to other diets.

The calorie consumption is limited to 800 calories per day. Dinner should include high protein and low fat products, such as chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, vegetables. Red meat is not recommended.

Dieters who have tried these cookies say they are not very tasty but edible. In fact, doctor himself does not assure that they are delicious.

Smart for Life Cookie Diet

Smart for Life offers various weight loss services including special cookies for controlling calorie consumption during the day.

Dieters should have six cookies throughout the day. Each one has 105 calories. There are three flavors: oatmeal raisins, chocolate, and blueberry. Cookies contain about 60% organic components.

The recommended low fat dinner should include several cups of various vegetables. From 800 to 1200 cal are allowed per day.

According to customers reviews, Smart for Life cookies are not very tasty too.

This program also encourages you to buy other products, like meals, supplements, consultation services, etc.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet

This is one of the newest diets. You can buy these cookies at Walgreens, Ralphs, and some other retailers. They can be also offered on-line.

Dieters eat four cookies a day. Each piece has about 150 calories. Three flavors are currently available: oatmeal raisins, lemon, and chocolate chip.

Dinner should be low fat. No more than 1200 calories are allowed per day.

In comparison with the previous two brands, these cookies are tastier because they are higher in sucralose and sugar (which is not good for your diet, of course).

Popular Cookie Diet Plans

Here are the plans for the three most popular cookie diets.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet

This program is one of the most widely-spread.

  • Each cookie has 90 calories. They are offered with five flavors.
  • Dieters eat six cookies per day whenever they feel hungry.
  • They may have one dinner throughout the day. It may contain six ounces poultry, fish or seafood and one cup of vegetables.
  • It is allowed to have about 800 cal per day.
  • When you reach the target weight you may increase the calories and continue eating cookies.

Dr. Siega’s cookies may be added to the menu when you are on some other diet.

Smart for Life Cookie Diet

Diet cookies from Smart for Life are a part of various products offered by this popular brand.

  • Each cookie contains 105 calories. They have five flavors.
  • Dieters are recommended to eat six pieces per day.
  • They are allowed to have from 800 to 1200 cal throughout the day.
  • Dinner should be low fat and include many vegetables.

These cookies, like other Smart for Life products, can be bought in many centers around the United States.

Hollywood Cookie Diet

This cookie diet is a new one but it is becoming more and more popular.

  • The cookies are about 150 cal each. Three tastes are offered.
  • One should eat four cookies a day.
  • Dieters are allowed to have one dinner.
  • The daily calorie consumption is no more than 1200 cal.

These cookies can be found at many retailers, like Walgreens or Ralphs.

What Are the Benefits of Cookie Diets?

If you follow the diets’ instructions strictly, surely you will lose weight, because you will limit the calorie consumption. But when you go off the program you can regain it if you resume your regular eating habits.

Are There Any Health Risks?

Severe calorie restriction can be a serious health risk for many people. If you have any chronic diseases, consult your doctor before going to a cookie diet.

What Foods Should Be Eaten?

Of course, menus of all these diets are based on special cookies. For dinner one may eat products low in fat and high in protein and fiber.

Cookie Diets Success Stories


Paula had tried a number of various diets but none of them had worked for her. When she started following Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet, she expected to lose about seven pounds though deep in her heart she hoped to drop up to fifteen pounds. But the results surpassed all expectations, because in two months she lost twenty pounds.

Nowadays Paula weighs less than 140 pounds and wears size twelve dresses. Moreover, her skin has been refreshed. She is full of energy and self-confidence. Paula is going to lose a couple of pounds more and is sure that her eating habits will be much healthier even when she stops the diet.


Jane says she’s been surprised by how easy it is to follow Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet. But she has been amazed even more by how efficient it turns out to be. She has lost over twenty five pounds even without any physical exercises. Most of her excessive weight has gone from her upper body. And she is really happy about because her bottom and thighs were not her problem areas. Now Jane has pretty cheekbones and waistline curve again.


For several years Lynette was a size twenty. It took her just about two months to lose over twenty pounds and slim down to a size sixteen with the help of Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet.

When Lynette started out to follow the program she was pretty skeptical about it because she had already tried many popular diets and they had not been effective. She had almost given up but then she decided to try the cookie diet.

She is still following it. The diet is very convenient for her because she just has to eat cookies and it suits her busy lifestyle.


The first week on the cookie diet was tough for Janice. She was drinking too little water and had headaches because of this. But it was the only side effect and in general she found the program very easy and convenient to follow. Eating cookies was not difficult and she did not have to do any exercises.

The diet has helped her to lose almost fifteen pounds and six inches from her waist. Now she can wear clothes she had not worn for a few years. She gets compliments from friends who have not seen her for some time and are surprised by her progress.

Janice is going to follow the cookie diet for a couple of months more because she has not reached her target weight yet.

Bottom Line

Cookie diets are able to produce quick results. They reduce hunger and are good for people who crave sweets. But do not forget that these programs do not provide all the necessary nutrients and restrict calories sharply. They can cause fatigue and other side effects. But the main problem is that the lost weight can be easily regained. Thus, most dieticians consider them fad diets.

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